Thailand apartment for rent


The Milliard Boutique Apartments was exquisitely created with the utmost attention to every detail to emphasize the elegance and beauty of accommodations that combine contemporary style with function of the perfect guest room under the philosophy, “Your satisfaction is our proud result.” The Milliard Boutique Apartments opens its door to its elegant and majestic lobby, the perfect welcome for a special guest like you to continue on to the classy guest room decorated in a warm and comfortable atmosphere, like your personal heaven.

Each sophisticated guest room received the greatest care in the selection of the highest quality in products and meticulous attention in design to ensure that guests receive the highest level of satisfaction. For example, the living room emphasizes comfort, the large dining room features a fully equipped kitchen, the bathroom includes a separate shower and bathtub, the private balcony offers a spending view of trees and nature as well as opens up to receive fresh air, and the bedroom is decorated in the ideal colors for relaxing.

The Milliard Boutique Apartments, apartment for rent in Bangkok, Thailand.

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